Europe’s biggest Vegan Summer Festival
19.-21. of August 2016  | Alexanderplatz Berlin

In 2016 our Vegan Summer Festival takes place for the ninth time! We are looking forward to transporting the vegan philosophy into the middle of society. Relaxed, happy and optimistic we will prove how much fun a lifestyle free from animal cruelty can be!


Our participants 2016

The number and variety of exhibitors at the Vegan Summer Festival is becoming bigger and more colourful every year! We put emphasis on local vegan caterers and traders – however, we also cooperate with large and well-known exhibitors. Moreover, we provide plenty of space for non-profit information stalls so that they can do their important work spreading the word about animal rights, animal welfare and vegan nutrition. You can find here an overview of our exhibitors for 2016.


Our programme 2016

This is where we keep you informed! Once again this year, our stage and our lecture tent will be waiting for you with a great three-day programme.

Friday (19.08.2016): 12am – 8pm

Saturday (20.08.2016): 10am – 8pm

Sunday (21.08.2016): 12am – 7pm

Things are getting serious!

Only a little more than two months until the 9th Vegan Summerfestival! Preparations are in progress and soon there is gonna be more information about the exhibitors, Tombola and the program for the stage and congress tent on our Homepage and Facebook!

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About us

The Berlin Vegan Summer Festival – from vegans for vegans, vegetarians and everyone who is up for celebrating and delicious food!



Eight festivals and eight records – we are getting bigger, more colourful and popular every year. Since 2008 we’re ready in Berlin, carrying on the tradition of our “vegan Mecca”.