Get involved

Our festival is almost exclusively carried out by volunteers. That is why we need of a lot of support. No matter if you want to help out for one, two or all three days – anyone who identifies with the vegan way of life is always welcome to take part!

You want to help us? Simply enter your details within our practical form and we’ll contact you soon!


At the festival you can get involved in the following areas:

      • Setup the festival area on Friday, dismantle the festival area on Sunday: You want to pinch in? Then your help is appreciated with setting up and dismantling the stalls and seats.
      • Directing cars/driveway:You guide the exhibitors and their vehicles to their slots.
      • Backstage: You support us in the care of the helpers and jump quickly once bottlenecks occur.
      • Beverages Stall: You help selling beverages to thirsty visitors.
      • Milk stall: You will be presenting to interested visitors an example of how diverse non-discriminatory and varied vegan (milk) substitute products are.
      • Lecture tent:You help our team within the lecture tent with preparations, technical support and care of our speakers.
      • Bouncy castle:You supervise the bouncy castle and ensure that no kid falls off the castle.
      • Supervision of the square and waste management:You collect garbage in order to ensure that the square stays nice and clean.
      • Children’s tent:You can show your artistic talents and paint the faces of our small visitors.
      • Tombola:You sell tombola tickets and distribute the prices. Your reward: many smiling faces.
      • Load the van (Friday):You help with loading all our tombola’s prizes into our van for getting ready to be transported to the festival area.



Contact us via helfen[at] Thank you!