Tombola 2018

The tombola has been an integral part of our summer festival for years. On Saturday and Sunday great prizes will be raffled off to our visitors. These included vouchers, food, books and much more. Our tombola is not for financial gain, but is intended exclusively for the annual financing of the Vegan Summer Festival.

You would like to support us with your vegan products and make them available to the tombola as donations? Just write us a short e-mail to sponsoring[at]!

Many companies support us in 2018. We would like to thank you for all sponsoring products. We would like to express our special thanks to our major sponsors. They support our tombola with their large sponsorship. Thank you very much!

Here is an overview of who our major sponsors are for the Tombola in 2018:

Since 1864, the company Sommer, have been a family-run, independent company with a long tradition in which the enthusiasm and joy of genuine baking are in the foreground. Then as now, only the best ingredients can be used to create high-quality, enjoyable pastries. Today it is a matter of course for us to produce organic products. We offer the largest range of Demeter quality biscuits and bake biscuits with character according to traditional recipes. In addition to high-quality organic raw materials, the use of regional and original cereals such as spelt is particularly important to us. The pure joy of baking can also be tasted with our new gluten-free biscuits, which are baked separately from our classic biscuits on a separate baking line. Since we do not use animal raw materials wherever possible, over 80% of our products are also vegan.

Clarana – the new brand in the world of vegan delicacies: At Clarana, we attach great importance to sustainability and good quality.
The demands on our fine confectionery products are very high: Clarana sweets are delicately melting, aromatic and of a certain sweetness. Here the decision is difficult for every chocoholic. From chocolate lentils to a high-quality product line of confectionery and filled cocoa bars – exquisite ingredients make Clarana’s exquisite products an irresistible treat. This year you can win in the tombola our sweet organic mini chocolate lentils. The little treats are produced without artificial colourings and preservatives and without artificial flavours! Only colouring foods such as spirulina, blackcurrant and carrot are used for the five colours. Our organic mini chocolates are a colourful, chocolaty fun for adults and children. A chocolaty core surrounded by a crisp, colourful shell. Perfect for decorating and decorating – or simply as a snack in between.

On the table at lightning speed – Tartex VEGAN & WARM is the new cup meal with valuable cereals, fine vegetables and selected spices. In addition to couscous and valuable amaranth, the vegan recipe contains a high proportion of wholemeal cereals such as oat, spelt and green spelt flakes. Refined with pieces of vegetables, herbs and spices, VEGAN & WARM becomes a delicious taste experience. Available in Thai Curry, Italian Herbs and Mexican. All ingredients are of course organically grown.

Tartex VEGAN & WARM can be found at Rossmann und Müller.

Your way to a vegan organic paradise! In the LPG you get almost everything for a plant-based lifestyle. The number of choices are huge! Vegan milk and cheese alternatives, vegan wines, pastries, cakes, bread, tofu and tempeh, seitan, meat and fish alternatives, and everything else your heart desires. Discover the best selection of fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and sprouts in our large fruit/vegetable department.
Well? Get an appetite? Then rest in one of our bistros. Besides vegan snacks, soups and salads we also have a daily changing vegan daily special for you.

The SunflowerFamily has launched a true world novelty with its Sunflower Hack©. With the Sunflower Hack© you can cook everything you can do with minced meat, there are no limits to your imagination. The minced meat does not need to be soaked, but only once moistened with water. It absorbs almost three times as much water. There are also three favourite dishes with a matching spice mix: mushroom pan, sunflower bolognese, and chili sin carne. More and more fans try out new recipes with the Sunflower Hack© and are then published on the homepage. The Sunflower Family believes that a very important topic of the future for all is predominantly vegetable nutrition.

Natumi is one of the leading suppliers of milk alternatives in Germany. Natumi develops and produces various herbal drinks, cuisine products and desserts, all of which are lactose and gluten-free and particularly suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets. The portfolio ranges from classic soy to popular oats and versatile spelt or rice drinks – it is one of the largest suppliers of milk alternatives on the market. Natumi attaches great importance to taste and enjoyment, as the carefully developed recipes show, but also the use of regionally grown raw materials. The Natumi products are available in all organic shops and many health food stores in Germany. Altogether there are far more than 2,000.

Want a chocolate caffeine kick? The secret of koawach is the mix of cocoa and natural caffeine from guarana – a superfood from South America. Whether as fine cocoa powder in seven different varieties or as ready-to-drink to-go chocolate drink in the flavours white chocolate, chocolate almond (vegan) and original chocolate:
koawach is a real alternative to coffee and energy drinks. Guarana is more tolerable and has a longer lasting effect than conventional caffeine.
koawach – that is enjoyment with a clear conscience, because all raw materials are natural and certified organic and Fairtrade. This means more money stays with the farmers and more enjoyment with you!

Pechkeks – Everything your fortune cookie didn’t tell you.
Finest black humor in a black cookie. Bad luck has never been so much fun!



Worshipped and coveted! Crunchy peanuts with caramel.
The classic confectionery bar is 100% vegan!


This is how you make a delicious chia pudding of feinsoff with high content of omega-3 fatty acids & fiber :

– 1 sachet Fine Chia Sam
– 1/8 l vanilla soy drink
– 1 pinch of cinnamon

Leave to soak for 10 minutes, cover with fresh banana slices and add some maple syrup for the sweetness!

BIO:VÉGANE SKINFOOD: This is natural cosmetics based on superfoods in organic quality – vegan registered, NATRUE certified and made in Germany.
With our concept of “skin nutrition” we offer an uncomplicated, modern and effective alternative to classic skin care and thus stand for all those who want to nourish their skin as well as themselves: 100% natural cosmetics, vegan and NATRUE-certified. The BIO:VÉGANE SKINFOOD products provide perfect care for every skin type: The Bio Cranberry series moisturises dry to normal skin, Bio Green Tea soothes sensitive skin, Bio Acai provides balance for combination skin and Bio Goji cares for demanding skin. The Bio Baobab series is dedicated to the common needs of all skin types.

 The turtle Bio Porridge consists of a unique mixture of large oat flakes and oat bran. Other purely natural ingredients such as goji berries, chia, flea seeds or chocolate and banana are also included. Porridge is prepared warm and is therefore easily digestible. The delicious taste, the fiber and slow carbohydrates give enough energy to start the day well. Even for people with a particularly sensitive digestion, turtle has come up with something: the porridge varieties “chocolate-banana” and “superfood” are certified gluten-free.
We have now expanded our range to include three mueslis that can be enjoyed quickly and easily without preparation on the stove: two innovative mixtures of pops & flakes and pops & seeds as well as a delicious oat muesli with quinoa pops, apples and seeds.

In your denn´s Biomarkt you will find everything for the daily organic cuisine at over 280 locations throughout Germany. We stock a total of over 6,000 organic and natural products and, in addition to the variety in our assortment, we place particular value on regional specialities, crispy bread and baked goods as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. In addition, all those who are enthusiastic about natural cosmetics will find what they are looking for here. “For us, “organic for every day” also means “organic for every wallet” and “organic for every form of nutrition”. A wide and deep assortment for vegetarians and vegans is therefore a matter of course for us.”

Veganz is the food brand for innovative product variety and vegan enjoyment from Berlin: Good for you, better for everyone. As Europe’s first vegan supermarket chain started in 2011, Veganz itself produces over 160 of its own purely vegetable products. Veganz makes it easy for people to lead a vegan lifestyle and contribute to a better life. Take a look at one of the three Berlin stores or visit the numerous Veganz partners like dm-drogerie markt Deutschland, REWE or Kaufland.
By the way: At our tombola you can get the organic veganz hemp seeds. The mild, nutty taste makes hearts beat faster and is especially good in muesli, smoothies or over your salad.

avesu was founded in 2010 in Berlin to create an alternative. It shouldn’tz be only easy to eat plant-based, but also the possibility to dress without causing suffering. That’s why we offer you high-quality and sustainable shoes from international brands that are guaranteed vegan.
Whether you wear stylish high heels, sneakers, business shoes or hiking boots, at avesu you will find what you are looking for.
We are in constant exchange with our manufacturers and always looking for innovative products to provide you with the latest vegan shoe fashion. You can try on the result in our stores in Berlin or order it here in our online shop.


Also a huge thanks to the other main sponsor partners:



We would also like to thank everyone else for their support! Thanks to you the Vegane Summer Festival can offer again a super great tombola. Here is a list of the companies that will enrich the Tombola at the 2018 Summer Festival:







Happy Kuh e.V.