Workshop Tent

A new highlight at the Vegan Summer festival 2018 is the Workshop Tent. Many different topics on a sustainable plant -based lifestyle will be addressed. You will not only watch, but also actively craft, cook, build, discuss and much more! Any workshop idea around plant-based lifestyle is welcome.

Each workshop should last about an hour. 10 – 15 participants are expected. These will be unannounced visitors of the Vegan Summer festival who are interested in attending the workshop.

You are interested and you would like to hold a workshop? Then contact us at sommerfest.workshopzelt[at]

We are happy to present you the first act of our workshop tent:

1. Plant-based agriculture, a future model with plantAge Solawi (Workshop language: German)

In this workshop questions will be asked:
– Can bees be kept vegan?
– When is it acceptable for vegans to fertilize with animal manure?
– How can farms and food cultivation be combined for a plant-based lifestyle?
– To what extent is organic farming important for a plant lifestyle?

plantAge is a rapidly growing community of people from Berlin and Brandenburg who are building a solidary agriculture biologically and vegan. They want to take you on a creative journey to incorporate your ideas and feedback into the planning of a plant-based agriculture. They can tell you even more about their concrete development at their stand at the Veganen Sommerfest 2018.



2. Stress Management as an activist (Workshop language: Geman)

“Shouldn’t I be advocating animals much more often? Can I ever do enough? How can I bear the suffering I am constantly confronted with? And how can I stand it that so many other people won’t look?”

Like other social movements, the vegan movement lives from people investing time and energy in working for social change. This commitment is important, but can also become a burden under which the activists* can suffer and eventually even “burn out”. In the workshop the participants work out individual possibilities for reducing stress and preventing burnout. Furthermore, a space is created to discuss possible difficulties and to share personal coping strategies.

The workshop will be led by Sabrina Klein (psychologist MSc) and Judith Richter (psychology student).

3. Qutesion round to the topic vegan families (Workshop language: Geman)

By: Nutritionist Carmen Hercegfi

What do vegan families have to pay attention to? What are the typical stumbling blocks and hurdles – for example in kindergarten and school or when the children are critical? How do you deal with it? In this workshop vegan parents have one hour the possibility to be helped by the specialist in this area, Carmen Hercegfi. Carmen will collect and answer the questions and encourage an exchange between the families. The aim is to find solutions together for the biggest everyday worries of vegan families.

Carmen Hercegfi is mother of two children, holistic nutritionist and author of the book “Vegan in other circumstances”. She specialises in advice on nutrition for vegan families.

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